Fun with Isabella Soprano

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Any guy or girl that has had the pleasure to masturbate to one of Isabella Soprano’s films will tell you that you cannot spell Isabella without Bella, or beautiful. Isabella started out as a sex worker until she made a big splash in the porn industry scene. With so many directors wanting to have her star in their films Isabella made plenty of money very quickly in the late eighties and early nineties. She is famous for so many exotic films but without a doubt my biggest favorite movie is the one where she takes two guys at once and then at the end they blow their loads all over her face which she wipes up with a finger and licks it all up.

Isabella is getting on in years as porn stars go however her movies will never be forgotten and will live on forever on the internet. She has made thousands of flicks to entertain both the men and the women because with a body like that all the girls either wants to be you or want to fuck you. lucky for Isabella it would appear that she enjoys the company of other girls and looks like she would enjoy licking some tasty pussy and making ladies clits rock hard and explosive ready for a real big orgasm.

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